In order to make all possible, you have to insert an unique tiny javascript snippet in your website code source. Is a copy/paste action, very similar with Google Analytics integration. Here you can fill user properties you can use in the future to target specific guides or to display them in texts For example: Hey {name}!. You're not limited about how many user properties you can use.



After first step is completed, you can configure everything directly inside our platform with a very intuitive WYSIWYG editor. You can select the segment of the users you want to see a guide or the pages where will be displayed.
Any change you made in our platform is visibile immediately after you press the Save button.




With our tiny code inside your website, we are able to identify when an user is logged in and every time when he see a page, we check if is necessary to display him a guide (we track displaying history and we don't show a guide for multiples times). This is happening in under one second.



For every action an user is doing (pressing Skip or closing the guide at 3rd step of 6), we track all those actions and you can see exactly a report for each guide or for each user.


Only 3 minutes away to improve your onboarding!