User targeting

If {something} is « YES » then « show guide ».
You can target guides by using user properties.


Add user's informations inside the guides in a very simple way.
Hi {name}, look here...


Change colors, fonts or texts size without writing code. Custom CSS also available.

Track results

See real time performance (views, skips, ends) of any of your guides. History also available.

Curious about how we can do that?

Multiple web apps

You can have multiple web apps under one account, each of them being tracked individually.

Multiple users

Unlimited users with 3 different type of roles: master, editor or analytics.

Real time

Immediately after you press the Save button, the changes are visible for your users without any code deploys.

Works in any browser

You don't have to install any browser extension.

Simple integration

By adding a small javascript snippet. Is asyncronous and served from CDN with only 8KB size.

Javascript API

If is necessary, you can launch guides or track actions in 3rd party analytics tool with our javascript SDK.

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